• Today is the perfect time to share with you Eliran Nargassi’s Jerusalem – Tel Aviv / Between Holy and Profane Spring-Summer 2014 collection.
    For his brand new collection, Eliran spent some time observing the architecture that defines Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and specifically their tiles, which serves a huge role in the being of these two cities.
    “The differences between the cities and the attempt in merging the two led to the collection”.
    Looking at Eliran’s clean aesthetics (you can refresh you memory here and here), it was such a surprise to me to see him creating patterns that in this particular case, sit so well with his very minimal way of designing. I mean, even though his (crazy beautiful) geo-prints are bold, they still managed to leave you with a non stressful and rather dreamy like vibe. With that said, my favorite pieces have everything to do with the minimal strokes, that Eliran’s knows where to put so well, with his gracious and effortless sensitivity to the bare fabric.
  • {Photos by Miguel Mor}