• You already know about the illustrated party (aka Illustration Week 2014), which is taking place this week in Tel Aviv. Right?
    After sharing with you Sagi Ashin’s royal animals, it’s time to move on to the next exhibition, Big Boys. This one is by students, graduates and professors of the Wizo Design Academy, under the wings of Mr. Jewboy (aka Yaron Shin), the head of the Visual Communication Department. Together, they try to examine the boundaries behind an illustration and the relationship it holds with design, art and animation.
    There is something quite refreshing in seeing a line of work by students, graduates and professors come together in an harmonious and neutral surrounding, where each of the artist blend together without any hierarchy and you, the viewer can appreciate the variety of talents and stories.
  • {Illustrations from top to bottom by: Taase Shiran, Or Rosenstein, Dana Shamir, Noam Koren and Marva Mor}