• Today is the first day of the very first Illustration Week back home in Tel Aviv. The man who made this crazy idea come to life is a man of many hats, Mr. Yuval Saar.
    During the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite illustrators and exhibitions from this super exciting illustrated party.
    So let me start by introducing you to Sagi Ashin. I wrote about his work before (here and here) but I don’t mind doing so, every day of the week. Anyways, Sagi is one of my favorite illustrations and I only wish he could find the time to illustrate more. These days he is invested in his Hamelaha Workshop (a print studio and a cultural center in Tel Aviv) BUT he found the time to be part of the Illustration Week with his very own exhibition, Manimals.
    “Manimals is a series of animal portraits dressed as renaissance figures. The idea behind it the illusion humans have of being in control. In a way, it emphasizes the “food chain” as I see it, the fragile balance between dominant – dominated (animals vs. humans, humans vs. themselves). The notion that we live in an era which is a lot better than the renaissance is of course absurd because the balance of powers remains the same and only the names have changed.”
    Sagi shares a close bond with animals since the time he went to an agricultural high school and then when he did his bachelor studies in Animal Science, long before he chose the artistic path.
    I wish I could see the living breathing colorful layers of these silk screen prints but… trying to find the meaning behind each and every illustrated choice Sagi made, will do at this point.
    Manimals opening night will be tomorrow, 25th of May, at the Hamelaha Workshop and you can also check all the other exhibitions during this special week over here.