• True story: about three years ago I visited one of my favorite Tel Avivian shops and spotted the most delicate rubber and strings necklace. I knew nothing about the designer but I made sure to take a picture of the necklace and promised myself that somehow I’ll find the one behind it.
    Fast forward to 2014 and I FOUND HER, I mean, I found Lena Tirosh. To be totally honest, she found me.
    Lena wrote me the sweetest email and introduced me to her Etcetera. In her Plisse collection (aka Plitted), Lena is going down her childhood memory lane and reminiscing on her two plitted skirts that she owned as a child and that symbolized quite a lot for an immigrant child. To make a long story short, this time Lena is creating her own story, with her own two hands, with the help of rubbers and yes, also metals.
    While looking at her creations, I can’t help but want to grab them and feel their texture and structure. And to make things extra hard, she created the most perfect geometric rings, but let’s leave it for another post.
  • {Photos by Noa Kedmi}