• A while back I wrote about REDESIGN[D]. An on going collaboration between Redesign Magazine and young Israeli designers. First was Naama Hofman and her lighting object and now it’s Nir Meiri’s turn to be REDESIGN[D].
    Nir is a designer who isn’t intimidated by hard work (his Marine Light and Desert Storm Light are just two beautiful examples). This time he decided to go with the idea behind Babel.
    “Babel is inspired by the architecture of ancient cities, temples and altars, resonating human kind’s aspiration to touch the sky. As a series, the vessels illustrate an ancient city’s skyline, while each one stands alone as a functional product with a powerful presence that strikes the imagination.”
    The thing is that all this crazy layering and texturing is handmade by Nir and it goes to show you that he will stop at nothing on his way to perfecting his craft.
    BTW, you can listen to Nir talking about his process, while enjoying a back stage pass to his studio.