• When a dreamy shoe designer (aka Oded Arama) and a wicked artist (aka Keren Shpilsher) brainstorm together, only good things can come out of it.
    Oded, a designer who isn’t afraid of bold colors, is one of my all time favorite shoe designers (and of course I can’t stop wearing his yellow sunshines) so whenever he shares with me a piece of new information, I’m super excited.
    This time I must admit that his update took me by surprise, since up until now he didn’t use any prints or patterns in his designs BUT… I’m glad he decided that it’s time to explore other territories. And then Keren Shpilsher, an artist who is known for her crazy imagination, came along. She started doodling and came up with a series of blooming prints that will make your feet dance. I mean, who can resist a burst of happiness?! I know I can’t!
  • {Photos by Dadi Elias}