• When I shared with you Omer Polak’s Boutonnière project a while back, I mentioned that he will be talking about his designed journey on the next TEDxLausanne talk. And what do you know, he did!
    “What if we could smell for long distance or detect previously undetectable odors? What if we could navigate our self through our sense of smell? Think of the ability to smell danger, fear or other emotions. Think about the influence that the sense of smell has over us as living creatures, and if so how we can use it to change or influence social interactions.”
    In his talk, Omer shared his S-sense journey. A journey that began with his graduation project at the Bezalel Academy with the intention of finding the essence of the sense of smell.
    And let me tell you something, this project that combines design and neuroscience, can turn into one confusing matter BUT, with his charming personality, Omer tells his story with a big smile on his face (which is contagious!).
    So with no further ado click away and hear Omer talk about his intriguing odors devices.