• It’s been way too long since I shared with you my adventures in the city (aka My San Francisco Break).
    Life has been all over the place but hopefully things are about to go back to normal. In the midst of all the craziness, I managed to sneak a few visits to some of my favorite SF spots oh and of course… I bought a pair (or two) of shoes.
    Visiting San Francisco is never complete without wall art watching. In fact it’s one of my absolute fave activities.
    A visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden is one of the things I’ve been meaning to do since I arrived here, but only now I got around to it. I had the pleasure of meeting my insta-friend Alexandra (I love meeting my online friends in the real world, it’s thee best thing ever!) for a walk around the blooming garden and we managed to take a few magnolia portraits. BTW, the garden’s sidewalks are to die for. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the patterned leaves.
    OH, did I mention Smitten Ice-Cream? It’s a made to order kind of ice-cream and… their flavors are beyond amazing. Start with the Salted Caramel and scoop your way from there. As I said, it’s CRAZY GOOD.
    I promise you that my next San Francisco Break won’t take that long. I’m planing a bit of traveling before my big visit to Israel so stay tuned.
    Happy sunny weekend, sweet breakers.
  • {Photos by me}