• When you get in your inbox an email that contains a blend of origami geometric shapes and textile design, there is no way I can look away.
    Bloom, Bianca Cheng Costanzo‘s new cashmere wool blanket is on a verge of becoming something big!
    I mean, you should look at all those backers on Kickstarter.
    “Throughout my life, I have been curious about geometric forms and folds. During my time at MIT, I was introduced to more elaborate forms of origami, and a language for analyzing and generating those 3-dimensional shapes. As a child who always invented paper toys and dolls, it was my dream to transform them into something beautiful that I could have at home. Thus, bloom was born.”
    You know how much I love origami but when I think of having it as my main squeeze while I watch TV, I’m sold. There are no more words that need to be said.
    If you also need a piece of geometric beauty in your life, you should head to Kickstarter and help Bianca turn her dream into reality.
    PS. how cute is Bianca? I love her smiling face shown on the last picture.