• I have a glorifying record of killing plants. It’s like I have a serial plant killer inside me.
    That’s when after I first stumbled upon Amanda Wright’s (aka Wit & Whistle) Chinese Money Plant portrait I realized that there is still hope. After all, I can’t kill a painting. Can I?
    Amanda’s series of House Plant Portraits is always one of my favorite surprises when I scroll down my instagram feed. Every morning I hope to find a new blooming portrait. I have a feeling that since my friends Igor and Judith began their very own Urban Jungle Bloggers series, I’ve been spotting green plants wherever I go.
    As I mentioned, the Chinese Money Plant portrait is my absolute favorite but of course there is a runner up and it goes to the Haworthia Plant portrait.
    Are you into greenery in your life? I’m starting to realize that I really do love plants. For now it’s only the painted ones but you can never know…
    {This is an American Break}