• It’s been ages since I shared with you some of my favorite pinners. In fact, it’s been two years (!!!)
    And that’s why it’s time for me to fix this terrible situation, like ASAP.
    For me, pinterest is the place where I feel most at home. Surrounded by a sea of shoes and fancy accessories. Lots of polka dots, beautiful flowers, yummy desserts and pretty ceramics. I mean, after I spend a little while (ok, A LOT) scrolling down my feed, I feel good. No wait, I feel wonderful and most importantly, inspired.
    This amazing feeling that I have each and every morning is possible thanks to all these super gifted pinners, who have that extra special pinning power. I can go on an on about it but let’s cut to the chase. Let me introduce you to my favorite pinstars (in no particular order):
    Stephanie the one behind the colorful Baba Souk shop, is such a bright star. I’m obsessed with her Secret Garden board.
  • Diana Moss aka lady MissMoss has the most sophisticated eye. I especially adore her “one of each, please” board. Click away and you’ll find out why!
  • Satsuki Shibuya is a girl of many faces and so, one can’t really talk about her without being in owe of her. I enjoy her interior zakka board but at the same time I can’t get enough of her ceramics and “sweet sweet type” boards.
  • Jennifer Hagler the lady behind A Merry Mishap Blog is one of my absolute favorites. In fact, she was the one who made me realize that monochromatic life is what I need. I especially enjoy discovering new products on her objects board.
  • oooh Griottes, Griottes, Griottes. Emilie, the one behind the colorful blog Griottes, needs no introduction. I’m sure you all follow her “My Blog Griottes.fr” board. Aren’t you?!
  • I just love love love israeli illustration. Thanks to Guy Granit, I discovered sooooooo many brilliant Israeli Illustrators. You should check his “Now” board and prepare yourself for an illustrated treat.
  • Leah Bergman, the one behind Freutcake, is such a stylish bee. She is truly one of a kind and yet, her “Frozen” board is the one that makes me feel like a kid in an ice-cream shop. I JUST LOVE ICE-CREAM, and apparently Leah loves it as much as I do!
  • Asia Pietrzyk became one of my favorite illustrators and if her name doesn’t ring any bell, you should correct this shameful situation. And of course you should check her illustration board. Duh!
  • Bakers Royale is your ultimate foodie destination. Naomi, the girl behind the Bakers Royale Blog, knows how to turn a stuffed man into a hungry man in a matter of seconds! Head to her “Dessert Bites: Cupcakes” board and from there straight to your closest bakery.
  • And last but definitely not least, say hello to Samuel Machell. This guy is my pinn(i)dol. His minimalistic way of looking at things is so refreshing and breathtaking. I’m serious! My absolute favorite is his Minimal board. Yeah, full stop.
    Now, after I babbled for quite some time, I’d love to hear about your favorite pinners. I’m sure there are so many wonderful pinners that I still need to find.