• Let’s start at the end, yesterday I won a Looma Lamp in a raffle (!!!)
    Ok, now let’s rewind. Yesterday I went to the San Francisco Design Center, because I really wanted to hear designer Romy Randev talk about his one year venture that goes by the name Looma. Looma is a mix of colorful glass, bamboo and LED lights.
    I was blown away after realizing that Romy makes each and every glass stripe by hand. How crazy is that?!
    Like a futuristic kaleidoscope, the glass responds to the color changing light by controlling the LEDs with a miniature remote control.
    BTW, Romy is the designer and creator and he teamed up with Alan Rorie, the one behind Hero Design, in order to bring Looma to life.
    Ok now, did I mention how shocked I was that I won a Looma?! Romy, THANK YOU so much.
    {This is a Canadian Break}