• I’m one of those who can stare at the sea for hours. And my Instagram feed is here to back me up on this one. Anyways, Dar Rotem one of my favorite artists, also enjoys exploring the ocean. In her illustrations, she goes down under and brings to life a world of illustrated creatures and textures with her own unique strokes of paint. When you look at her illustrations, you can’t help but keep on wanting more. I wish that one day she will decide to turn her “Under the Water” sketches into a full blown illustrated book.
    There is so much depth and emotions in her hand writing and ever since I first spotted her back in 2011 at the Bezalel Academy graduate show, she keeps on going and growing.
    BTW, from time to time you can spot a dreamy sketch on her instagram feed. I’m just sayin…
    You can get in touch with Dar at: dariabanana {at} gmail {dot} com