• I love collaborations and especially when they consist of a few of my favorite Israeli go to brands.
    So… say hello to REDESIGN[D], a collaboration between Redesign Magazine, Asufa Design Store and a bunch of super talented Israeli designers.
    First to design a custom made creation for REDESIGN[D] is Naama Hofman and her 003.5.
    I’ve been following Naama’s light objects for a while now, so of course I was super excited when I learned about this collaboration. “Naama’s exclusive work for REDESIGN[D] offers an homage to the fluorescent lamp and the use of outdoor lighting when applied indoors. The new object was designed to be placed in corners of rooms, on shelves and between furniture to create a colorful luminescent effect.”
    You should watch this fun video and also hear Naama talk about her process (if Hebrew is your native language).
    After all, we all need a little bit of neon flare in our lives!