• In a Different World You Would Be A Different Person. That’s the tittle of Nelli Lorch’s 2013 graduation project at the Ceramic Design Department at the Bezalel Academy.
    When I saw the image of the glass reindeers, I knew that I have to find out what’s the story behind this magical and intriguing installation. While looking for an answer, I stumbled upon an interview that Midnight East had with Nelli.
    “The root of this thought might come from the fact that my mother is from Finland, and is not Jewish. I was born and raised in Jerusalem, and that’s what kind of brought me to start thinking about the feeling of belonging, and how a person starts defining himself according to his surroundings… I think most of my work, if not all, is somehow about that – having different roots, the feeling of being two people at once, trying to decide who I am… I kind of started with what defines me and what’s made me who I am. I think it’s actually even funny how I am so much me and I actually do know where I belong, and what I believe in, and where I’m from, and I’m very Israeli.”
    This project, with it’s subtext and enchanted surface, makes me want to sit down for a long and heartfelt coffee break with Nelli. Oh well, I wish it will happen one day…
    You can get in touch with Nelli at: nelli.lorch {at} gmail {dot} com