November 2014

Pudish | Avital Pudinsky | Black Pen. White Format. Endless Doodles | September 18.14

It all began when I saw this brilliant picture on Ohad Benit’s instagram feed. Let’s pause for a quick side note. Ohad is hands down my favorite Israeli instagrammer. Check his feed and you’ll see why. So, when Ohad shares sneak peeks of future projects he is working on, I’m taking notes. Back to the …

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Student Break | Shmulik Doron | Shiny Happy (Tiny) Creatures | September 12.14

As it turns out, Shmulik Doron and I have something in common. Our imagination tends to work overtime and therefore we spot faces even on still objects. Life is so much fun that way, I can promise you that much. Anyway, back to Shmulik. He is a super fresh graduate out of the Industrial Design …

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Student Break | Kathrin Schank | Botanical Monsters |

By now you all know that I’m obsessed with all things watercolor and especially when you combine it with a zest of neon. So… when I bumped into Kathrin Schank, a fresh new graduate out of the Textile Design Department at Shenkar College, and her Montrous Botanics, I knew she is my kind of designer. …

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DesignBreak’s 5th Blogiversary | Didn’t See This One Coming | September 1.14

Today marks DesignBreak’s 5th Blogiversary. How crazy is that?! To be honest, the last year wasn’t the easiest one, when it comes to blogging. I’ve been through lots of setbacks, doubts, emotions and I was, and still am dealing with lots of questions that need to be answered. With that being said, I wouldn’t change …

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