September 2013

Student Break | Elina Gleizer | The Bionic Woman | September 12.13

I have a feeling that Elina Gleizer had the bionic woman in mind while designing her Alter Self graduate collection. Elina says that she was inspired by human anatomy. And to be exact, the human body and it’s curves. Each and every accessory fits perfectly and compliments a different body part and a different joint. …

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Baladi Studio | Raw Beauty | September 10.13

As you probably know, I’m way past my engagement phase BUT… I will never be past the search for the perfect ring. Laliv Shalev, one of my favorite recent years graduates turned her industrial design powers into jewelry magic in her brand new Baladi Studio. I’m especially in love with her hand carved rings and …

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Student Break | Tom Bendkovsky | Barking Furniture But In a Cute Way | September 6.13

Have you ever owned a dog? Or maybe you have one now? I’m one of those who never had a pet in their lives. To be honest, to this day, I’m a bit scared of dogs. So let’s all treat this dog friendly post as a therapy post. OK? Hosting Hounds is Tom Bendkovsky’s graduation …

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Shopping Break | Lee Coren’s Light Weight Perfection | September 5.13

About a year ago I shared with you the creations of graphic and textile designer Lee Coren. Since then, Lee kept doing her thing and continued to create the most beautiful scarves and bags. So… this morning when I checked my feed and felt a breeze of light scarves and photographic clutches, I knew …

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Today, Eight Years Ago… | September 2.13

Technically the Mister and I have been married for eight years. Today! But to be honest, it feels like we are together since forever and I mean it in the most loving way. We met in 1996 and ever since we’ve been together. So if I’m doing some quick math, we’ve been together for 17 …

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Student Break | George Zaid | The Dark Side of Tradition | August 29.13

George Zaid is a 23 y/o Arab-Christian, who decided to explore the dark side of tradition. In his Kýrie, Eléison graduate collection, he followed the Orthodox monks of Mount Athos. If you are a male, spiritual and want to live in the most beautiful part of Greece, Mount Athos is the place for you. However, …

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Rachel Boxnboim | Alice is Taking Over Anthropologie | August 23.13

About two years ago, one Rachel Boxnboim, graduated out of the Bezalel Academy. In her graduation project, that goes by the name Alice, Rachel created ceramic teaware out of fabric molds. Fast forward to 2013 and the same Alice ceramics are being sold at Anthropologie (!!!) The other day while I was on my weekly …

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Student Break | Lior Shulak | Strike a Line | August 22.13

I’m super excited to share with you Lior Shulak’s graduate collection! Isn’t it amazing?! I’m blown away by the geometric lines, the minimalist approach and over all, the awesomeness behind it all. In her Signs of Fiction Lior marks, in her own unique way, the body itself and it’s surroundings by creating a language of …

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Student Break | Michal Meshulam | Families. Sometimes It’s Not Pretty | August 21.13

The Jewish holidays are just around the corner and with that comes lots of family dinners and gatherings. I often wonder about how it would feel like to enter unfamiliar territory, an unfamiliar family and experience it all with them. Since you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, I guess you can’t judge a …

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