• Oh Eliran Nargassi, you surly know how to rock my world time after time!
    With only a second collection under his belt, Eliran’s Black White & Pink holds so much beauty and strength while channeling his minimal signature touch. It’s no surprise that Eliran was inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs and especially his Ken, Lydia and Tyler. Black and white, soft and rigid, masculinity and femininity. You can find them all but you won’t feel lost.
    It’s been so long since I felt so inspired by an Israeli menswear designer! It feels like each and every garment has that special “Nargassi Touch”. You can’t be mistaken, the minute you see one of those bold black and white patterns with that extra something, it will leave your heart longing to see more. You might think that I’m exaggerating but I am really not!
    If you are wondering about Eliran’s debut collection, all you need to do is click right here.
  • {Photos by Miguel Mor}