• I don’t believe that I’m actually saying this out loud but this is Liron’s last post… As I’m writing these lines, Liron and her Mr. are on their grand Australian tour, having the time of their life, while exploring unfamiliar territories. I guess this is the only way to go, after you finish your Master’s degree and study your socks off. I can’t explain in words, how exciting and special this journey that I took with Liron, means to me. We began this journey as two strangers who share a huge passion for typography and along the way we become friends who share our love to all things beautiful (ok and edible). From pretty (and yummy) food to special accessories (mainly shoes) to exciting design exhibitions and out mad obsession with Ottolenghi.
    I know that this is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in Liron’s designed life and I can’t wait for what’s next.
    But don’t you worry, I’ll keep you posted!
    And now… Liron (for the last time), take it from here!
    {Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich}

One more blog post. How to summarize a whole year in one post? A whole year… probably one of the best ones. Learning an incredible amount of new things, and more than that – knowing how to explain them. Meeting people from around the world, beginning as colleagues and finishing as true friends. Friends that are now saying Hiush and Byeush. A real process, seeing how your own thoughts and designs develop and change, how one thing seems perfect and a moment later chased by a new idea. A better, improved version that might be a stepping stone or an obstacle. Focusing completely on a typeface, letterforms, shapes and… finding others who share the same passion.
Living abroad, enjoying bicycle and learning to appreciate every bit of sunlight. Understanding what is real cold weather, and then feeling in my toes how it can be even colder. Eating tasteless vegetables but compensating with loads of extremely cheap mushrooms. Archives, collections, bookcases and boxes. Words that sound grey appeared as so colorful. A world of inspiration and information is everywhere. And how can it all be seen? Oh and London… Using every spare moment and sometimes not even spare ones to visit, walk around, drift away and end up in the same places. Trying to fit everything in: the exhibitions, museums, markets, shopping. Taking a huge sip of the city and realizing that it’s still full, much more to discover.
And what’s more to come? Who knows… and a set of confused thoughts is around now, dazing and appearing and leaving. What would be the next step? Where would be the next step? Packed our things, stored them in a small space. Left the flat, Reading, Marks & Spencer, Stories, the department, Ottolenghi, the White Cube and many many more. After talking about Hebrew typography in Budapest’s Design Week and hearing about type in AtypI Amsterdam, it’s time for New Zealand and Australia- where the summer is. And maybe it’s not really goodbye, maybe just a small byeush or see yoush, sweet and sour and salty.
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