• When I was a child I used to play “the hat game” with my dad. Whenever we visited NYC, we entered any of the huge department stores and the minute we spotted the hat department, then the game began. I would try almost every hat that came my way and my dad (who was super impressed and excited by how they fit me) took lots and lots of pictures of me and the hats.
    Other than this childhood memory, I don’t consider myself a hat lover but lately I started feeling the urge to add some fancy hats to my wardrobe. I have a feeling that the freezing weather, that I’m experiencing here in San Francisco, has something to do with it. Anyways, the only hat that I will be buying will have to come out of Yael Cohen‘s hands and Her Justine Hats. I’ve been a felt lover for ages and Yael’s minimal and almost geometric like felted beauties feel right up my alley. I can’t wait to try them for myself and feel more “European”.
    BTW, are any of you one of those Mad Hatters? I’d love to find out about your “hat stories” and your favorite hat designers.