• I planed on having eight days of dreidels here on DesignBreak, but my computer decided to die on me… To make a long story short, now I stepped into the land of iMacs and hopefully things will be looking up soon.
    I still want to show you my favorite dreidels from the dreidel exhibition that was curated by studio alefalefalef. So, here goes: first is the melting dreidel by the ever surprising, Ohad Benit. It’s such a minimal design but I wouldn’t expecting anything else from his.
  • Omer Polak and his pineapple dreidels made me want to pick up the phone and ask for bunch of them. After all pineapples are big right now, you should ask Kelly from Studio DYI, she will tell you!
  • You can never go wrong with black and gold, especially when it looks like a piece of art and Maayan Fogel knows it!
  • Oh my… do I need to say a word about these chocolate dreidels (!!!) by Ani Dwilensky? Yeah, I didn’t think so!
  • Naama Hofman is used to creating light objects, therefore I was super excited to see her mysterious dreidel. It’s so different from her other designs.
  • David Specter’s dreidel holds everything I love about black on black in one tiny dreidel. Plus, I miss the Israeli currency aka the Shekel. I hate converting dollars to shekels! Things used to be so easy ;) BTW, I know I’m taking it the wrong way and David will probably think that I lost my mind.
  • Dean Gal and his stitched dreidel bring back so many childhood memories… My mom used to be the queen of all things stitched.
  • And finally Racheli Chaba Sharfshtein and her spotty dreidel. I just can’t believe how beautiful it is! I feel like I could use a sea of them in my life.