• It’s been way too long since I wrote about kiddos or better said, design for kids. And now is the right time to fix that.
    The minute I saw Nuppi’s pillows in my facebook feed (thx, Dikla!), I knew I had to share their happy place with you. Lately I’ve been obsessed with pillow from all kinds (you can head to the DB facebook page to find my latest fixation) and so… from pillows for all man kind to pillows for the little ones in your life. I know for sure that I know a few people in my life that will be super excited to have their hand on this pinwheel, boat or that hot air balloon. Something tells me that adding a dash of buttons to these pillows made a huge difference. Yep, I love buttons. I really do and therefore I also love Nuppi.
    BTW, the two gals behind Nuppi are Adi Tasa and Alma Elmaliach. How rude of me not to start with introducing these two.
    You can get in touch with the girls at: nuppibaby {at} gmail {dot} com