• Monolith is the latest creation of Industrial designer, Shira Keret.
      I’m not really sure what it is but since I moved to San Francisco, I’m not intimidated by nature. And trust me when I say that for a very long time I didn’t want to be around it. Anyways, the minute I stumbled upon Shira’s Monolith all I could think of was how beautiful these tree barks look alikes are. Crazy! I know.
      But that’s not exactly what went on inside Shira’s head while designing. She was referring to water erosion and the fact that it’s a process that happens in nature and can take thousands of years for the water to carve its way through rock. Only that when doing it the industrial way, “water jet cutting the stream will carve it’s way to the bottom, not necessarily in a straight line. This way, it takes a matter of seconds to mimic the natural process.”
      The whole thing is unpredictable, organic and one of a kind, which makes it all super exciting!

{Photos by Hagar Cygler}