• In another lifetime I wish I would have been a Jen Kindell. Jen is one of those artists who seems to take a white piece of paper and minutes later create the most vibrant and colorful print. Yep, just like that. I know it’s not the way it really works but it sure feels like it. A while back I met Jen for a brief moment and while talking with her about her art, my imagination ran wild and that’s how I envisioned her.
    Now seriously, Jen silk screens seasonal posters of fruit and vegetables that are grown in California. As you can see, each and every print is full of life and trust me when I say that you really have to see these prints in person. The texture and colors are so very special.
    You should follow her Nourishment Pinterest board and guess who will be her next fruity victim. You can also read an interview with her at the We Design Studios Blog.
    Jen is one of the artists that will show their artistic side at the West Coast Craft and I can’t wait to discover another Californian veggie that I didn’t know existed.
    {This is an American Break}