• In her RE-COVER, Daniella Saraya searched for the humanity in the materials she chose to work with.
    I know there is a lot of thought and meaning in this breathtaking collection but when I first bummed into this graduate collection all I could think was: I want it. I want it all. At the same time, I couldn’t shut down the voice inside my head telling me that I need to find out all I can about the designer behind these larger then life rings. I mean, whoever is responsible for these oh-so-beautiful creations, needs to be center stage.
    By observing the human nature and the way layering is a force of nature, Daniella created her very own take on layering and reviling of an object. And no matter what, when you start peeling the layers, you will always find an unexpected curve or emotion. Just like when you look at this collection, you will find yourself wanting to touch, feel and explore each and every bump that will reach your fingertips.
    FYI, Daniella is a 2013 graduate of the Jewelry Design Department at the Shenkar College.
  • {Photos by Marina Moshkovich Chris}