November 2013

Student Break | Daniel Winebush | The Eye of The Tiger | November 25.13

What does one normally do when he wants to explore the limitations of vision under extreme conditions? He, as in Daniel Winebush, creates his very own “The world according to…” graduate project. In this project, which was driven by Daniel’s myopia, he decided to examine how limitations such as order, direction of reading, and range …

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Shopping Break | White Heaven in A Pot | November 13.13

There is something quite calming about ceramics, that is the only explanation to my irrational madness… There are moments, when I’m sure there is not enough room in my home, for all those perfect white ceramic vessels in the world. And then… there are moments when I can’t stop dreaming (and of course immediately after …

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Shopping Break | Blue Rain | November 6.13

Since I began my DesignBreak journey I developed the greatest love for watercolor in any way, shape or form. So when I bumped into this dreamy Rain Patted Tumbler I knew I had to share it with you all. I mean, isn’t it just beautiful? I’d love to have a waterfall of Rain Tumblers!

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