• I’m not sure if you noticed or not but at least some of my friends told me that I’ve been under the radar for quite some time… I’m not really sure what it is, maybe the cold weather or the fact that I’m starting to miss home. I know that I have to snap out of my moody mode and the only thing that can help is the Tel Avivian beach and the sunny weather (after all I won’t find sunny weather any time soon in San Francisco). I asked my sweet friend (who happens to be a brilliant photographer) Sivan Askayo, to share with us some of the latest photographs she took while in Tel Aviv. And guess what? She knows me too well, because the only pics she sent over were the ones of the beach. OK, OK, also some foodie pics. Anyways, I’m starting to fantasize about my home visit which will be around April and this post is making things a lot better and gets me in the right mood.
    In case you want to see a lot more from Sivan, you should check her photogenic blog and don’t miss her posts about Tel Aviv (in case you want to visit. And you should!) My favorite posts are: Kiss and Tel Aviv, Summer in The City, Tel Aviv VS Paris and Vintaging Jaffa, a Colorful Tour in My Favorite Vibrant Flea Market.
  • {Photos by Sivan Askayo}