• I’ve been following Michal Fargo‘s ceramic steps, ever since she began working on her graduation project at the Bezalel Academy, back in 2011. I was so intrigued by her unique approach that I had to interview her. Ever since, I couldn’t stop admiring Michal’s artistic growth. This girl creates like there is no tomorrow and it shows! After going through her works, I realized that I have to write about Else. It’s the project which is most associated with Michal and one of my favorites. In Else (which started as her graduate project), Michal used sponge models and dipped them into specific composed porcelain mix. Then, the mold was eliminated from the process, and a new kind of surface was born.
    In her work, Michal is driven by textures, materials and non-traditional working methods and the outcome, each and every time, is so so different from anything I have seen before.
    BTW, you should hear Michal talking about her work. You have to! It all makes sense after you see and hear about her process.
  • {Photos by Mel Bergman}