• The last weeks feel like a blur. I mean, it turns out that I’ve been visiting places and for some reason I forgot to mention some of them in my previous My San Francisco Break posts and now is the perfect time to look back and make things right. So… Sausalito. I’ve been there once before and didn’t think much of it but when I came back on a sunny day while it as freezing back home in San Francisco, I fell in love with it and it’s glorious view of the city. Plus, there I found at Lappert’s the ice-cream sandwich of my dreams. Oh and the ferry ride wasn’t too shabby as well. Moving on was the time I met my friend Kat for a stylish tea date at Taste tea house and all I had to do was look up and I found the most colorful building aka The Ivy Hotel. I know, it’s crazy how beautiful and happy most of the SF buildings look like. I definitely didn’t see that back home in Tel Aviv.
  • And then was the time I went to the Re:Make fair and met the most talented artist Courtney Cerruti and her outargues line illustrations! In case you are wondering, of course I bought one of these. Can you guess which one? And don’t worry, I’ll be writing a lot more about Courtney and her artistic world in the near future. That’s a promise!
  • I also visited the Mr’s office in Sunnyvale and met this super adorable Sunnyvale snail who greeted for a good morning. Sweet. I know.
  • If you follow a bunch of SF instagramers, just like I do, you get to find out about all those SF gems. It’s like having an updated by the minute tour guide. Anyways, that’s how I found out about Flora Grubb Gardens. I’m not your average green thumb kind of person although I LOVE flowers. However this place is not about flowers. Here you can find just about any succulent you ever dreamt of and then some… Even I couldn’t leave without adding a few mini succulents to my shopping bag. Oh and… I also couldn’t stop staring and taking lots and lots pictures of the wall of chairs. Isn’t it the most brilliant display of chairs you’ve ever seen?!
  • There are times when I don’t really feel quite like myself but the street art and especially the illustrated sideways of the city cheer me up in no time. Strange but it works each and every time like a charm.
    You see, I have a thing for shoes and #MyShoeBreak is out of control in my instagram account.
  • And last but definitely no least was the time I met the most gorgeous succulents wall at Bumble in Los Gatos. It was the highlight of that day trip outside gloomy San Francisco. As you can see I’m turning into some kind of a succulent monster.
    {Photos by me}