• If you’ve been here for a while, yo probably know that I’m a big fan of Miki Mottes and his illustrated character, Rabtus. Rabtus is a green rabbitcactus, who usually appears alongside Cumber (a friendly cucumber). Miki decided that it was time to spice things up and so turned to 40 talented illustrators from over 15 countries and asked them to illustrate their personal interpretation of Rabtus in their own artistic style. And Miki? He gave his own personal interpretation to one of their characters.
    “I first created the prototype of Rabtus when I was 6 years old and Cumber followed shortly
    after. So naturally, we grew up together. The idea for The Rabtus Exchange Program came up
    after visiting numerous illustrators’ exhibitions around the world? I wanted Rabtus to see the
    world and the world to get to know Rabtus.”
    The Rabtus Exchange Program is an international celebration of collaboration, illustrations, styles and humor which will take place in Tel Aviv starting October 31th for one week.
    On a side note: you should watch the story of Rabtus & Cumber. It’s smiles all over.
  • {Nathan Jurevicius’ Scary Girl, illustrated by Miki Mottes}

  • {The original Rabtus by Miki Mottes // Nathan Jurevicius’ version}

  • {Matias Vigliano’s version}