• Let’s start with full disclosure, Baba Souk is the online shop I wish I had. Oh well… A girl can dream.
    I’ve been a fan of Stephanie and her super curator powers for a while now, and I especially adore her ability to find all those special indie designers, that create a design that sparkles.
    In a way, Stephanie and I are alike. We both seek and enjoy the search for the next special something that will make us miss a beat.
    Touring around Baba Souk, I’m pretty sure your browser will get a tab overload. At least that’s what keeps happening to me. And you know what’s the most exciting thing? Stephanie never rests on her own laurels. She keeps on coming up with the most beautiful and yet practical stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a practical girl but I can find a practical angle in each and everyone of Baba Souk‘s items.
    In case you are wondering about my personal favorites (I’m pretty sure some of them will end up in my mail box), they are: the Small Black and Gold Twig Pencils, the Kitty Cat Magnet Trio and the Panna Cotta Poster.
  • And then… the Twig Pencils (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), the Mixed Leaves Notepad and the Mini Hors D’oeuvre Plates.
    FYI, recently I found out that Stephanie is the same Stephanie behind DesignLoveFest‘s colorfest column.
    Isn’t she amazing?
    Psst… On Monday, thanks to Baba Souk, I’ll have a little pink and green surprise for you. So, stay tuned!
    {This post is kindly sponsored by Baba Souk. But of course all the opinions shared here are my own. I wouldn’t have it any other way.}