• I first wrote about Shahar Kagan and his PlasticLab back in 2010. Back then he was a brand new graduate, and now… Three years have gone by and this guy is still playing with research, design, recycling and everything in between. The Fossil Project is Shahar’s newest project, which deals with paint leftovers and giving them a second life.
    “The fossil project emerges from the dirtiest places in the industry- professional painting factories… At the end of the day, there are many samples of colors that are not usable anymore… I asked several paint shops to pour the paints that are leftover at the end of the day into molds I made specially for that purpose. Many elements affect the drying procedure of the paint- time, heat, humidity, UV light, measures and dosage between the paint and the hardener material. With so many elements affecting the drying process, many interesting phenomenons happen by mistake.”
    I’m blown away by fate and it’s unexpected yet super designed outcome. And you know what’s even crazier? The process of creating the layers takes three to four months (!!!)
  • {Photos by Aviram Eitiel}