• When you’ll be reading this post I’ll be in Las Vegas. Yep, it was time to take some much needed sunny break. But wait, I’ll be sharing with you all of it when I’ll get back and in the meanwhile, I should tell about all those places that I discovered over the past weeks in the city. So let’s start with the most exciting news ever. THE SUN IS HERE (!!!) And I couldn’t be any happier. Can you tell?
    And so… I spent lots of time outside, exploring. It started with a perfect day at Dolores Park, in which I laid on the grass and stared at the blue sky. And then… I explored the America’s Cup Park, cause after all it’s time to visit before all the races will be over. I know nothing about sailing but i know A LOT about the ocean so it’s a good starting point.
  • I also heard so much about the Treasure Island Flea and had to check it out for my self. The view of SF from the other side of the bay bridge was ah-mazing and I had to pinch myself. Yep, it’s my home time!
  • The beginning of September was also filled with lots of celebrations. Our 8th year anniversary just happened on September 2nd and we celebrated at the most cozy place (aka Central Kitchen) with some pretty special treats. Two days later we celebrated the Jewish New Year with our favorite people in the city and also made some new friends. It was a surreal experience…
  • After all those festivities, it was time to start the new year on a happy note and so I decided that I should meet some new blogger friends. And… thanks to Kara and Cathy I did. Ana, the beautiful and bubbly girl behind the blog Fluxi On Tour was my new “purchase” at that day and she was the one responsible for me getting to know he most blooming wall in San Francisco (hi there, Beacon Cafe!).
    As you can see, it’s been quite a ride and I loved every minute.
    Until next week, wishing you a sunny weekend and waving at you all the way from Vegas!
    {Photos by me}