• Usually I try to post only original content. For the times in which I feel the urge to share my daily findings I use the DesignBreak Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards. However, this time I was forced to bend my own rules. I know there is nothing wrong in doing so from time to time and so this time I just had to share with you these oh-so-beautiful creations of Alpha Cruxis by Rebecca Martin. I only say creations and not bags, because the way Rebecca chose to style her own LookBook is so smart and treats those bags as art and not just bags. Don’t get me wrong, the bags are beautiful but the styling is what gives it extra zest.
    For the record, I first spotted all this beauty on my favorite Aussie blog The Design Files and if there is the slightest chance that you are not familiar with it, now is the right time to dig in and become addicted, just like me.
    {This is an Australian Break}
  • {Photos by Monika Holzner}