• Anat Negev is living my dream. After spending years as an industrial designer she decided to go back to school. And so she enrolled for yet another BA degree but this time around she took a ceramic path and I might be a tiny bit jealous. Anyways, as we speak there is a super exciting event going on at the Eretz Israel Museum. I’m talking about The 7th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics and this time it’s title is “Imprinting on Clay – Cultural Memory in Israeli Ceramic Art”. I’ll be showing you a lot more of my faves from this exhibition but first, let’s go back to Anat and her Nabataean 3D printed ware. As you probably guessed, it’s not a ceramic creation but still… It sure serves as one!
    “This work is based on a Nabataean leaf pattern that was the main motive in ancient Nabataean pottery. I created this set as a tribute to my father, Avraham Negev, who was a world renowned archaeologist and the founder of the research of the Nabataean trade routes and culture.”
    Anat created 3D compositions made up of different arrangements of the decorative motif and then… the body of the item was gone and what was left was the decoration itself.
    When I first saw this swirling beauty, I was mesmerized for quite some time and even now, I can stare at it forever.
    It’s so captivating. Don’t you think?
  • {Photos by Leonid Padrul}