• Have you ever owned a dog? Or maybe you have one now?
    I’m one of those who never had a pet in their lives. To be honest, to this day, I’m a bit scared of dogs. So let’s all treat this dog friendly post as a therapy post. OK?
    Hosting Hounds is Tom Bendkovsky’s graduation project out of the Industrial Design Department at H.I.T and as you probably guessed, it’s inspired by dogs. Elbi and Silvi, Carl and Kashi are the entire barking gang.
    In his own adorable way, Tom started his process by playing the personification game and along the way, he kept in mind the most important things like a little bit of humor, warmth and simplicity.
    I must admit that I’m super in love with the colors that Tom chose for the cushions and I even won’t mind treating his sketches as a piece of art on their own.
  • {Photos by Adva Shalhevet}