• George Zaid is a 23 y/o Arab-Christian, who decided to explore the dark side of tradition. In his Kýrie, Eléison graduate collection, he followed the Orthodox monks of Mount Athos. If you are a male, spiritual and want to live in the most beautiful part of Greece, Mount Athos is the place for you. However, when things seem too perfect, you can only expect the unexpected. George, who also battles, in his daily life the fine line between tradition and living on the wild side, created his own unique interpretation for the classical silhouette of the male suit. George, just like the monks (in a way) is trying to build a new order inside the most predictable and reserved place.
    While I was staring at all these super powerful prints and shapes, I wished that I could be a fly on his studio wall. I’m pretty sure I could have found a few secrets that are just waiting to be revealed in the form of a new collection.
    FYI, George is a brand new graduate of the Fashion Design Department at WIZO Haifa.
    You can get in touch with George at: george.zaid90 {at} gmail {dot} com
  • {Photos by Asaf Einy}