• About two years ago, one Rachel Boxnboim, graduated out of the Bezalel Academy. In her graduation project, that goes by the name Alice, Rachel created ceramic teaware out of fabric molds. Fast forward to 2013 and the same Alice ceramics are being sold at Anthropologie (!!!) The other day while I was on my weekly visit to their store I stumbled upon the magic itself and boy did it feel good. There are few cases where a young graduate takes his or her project into production and when it happens, it feels extra special.
    In case you are wondering how those beauties came to life, you can watch a behind the scenes look of Rachels’s process. AND, if you want your future tea party to be extra pretty and one of a kind, you can always buy yourself, your very own Alice (this one is my favorite.)!
  • {Photos by Oded Antman}