• The Jewish holidays are just around the corner and with that comes lots of family dinners and gatherings. I often wonder about how it would feel like to enter unfamiliar territory, an unfamiliar family and experience it all with them. Since you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, I guess you can’t judge a family by their looks. In Michal Meshulam’s The Last Supper, a picture perfect family comes to life, with it’s own craziness.
    “This project displays the gap between the desire to be perfect and act as expected of you on the one hand, and the desire to rebel and unleash your inner self on the other.”
    While watching this animation, I fell in love with this super crazy yet lovable family. To be honest, the beautiful drawings, the attention to details and the choice of color scheme, made me want to meet them in person and wonder if it’s based on a true store. Then again, there is no chance in hell that I’d want to spend any time with these living breathing characters.
    FYI, Michal is a 2013 graduate of the Communication Design Department at H.I.T.
    You can get in touch with Michal at: michal27789 {at} gmail {dot} com