• It’s been way too long since the last My San Francisco Break. So I think I should jump right in and tell you all about my adventures in the city. Over the weekend we decided that it’s time to try something a little bit different from the every day city life, and so we took the train and ended up in Ocean Beach and it’s Sutro Baths. I fell in love with this foggy-breezy-gray beach.
  • But wait, There was a lot more going on before this magical weekend at the beach. The other day I met my sweet friend Jesica and she showed me some of her favorite stores in the Laurel Height neighborhood. The two I liked the most were March and Hudson | Grace. What else… I had the pleasure of buying some goodies at the Bi-Rite Market and heading to Dolores Park for an unplanned picnic at the park which was lots of fun thanks to the sunny weather. Ummmm… I also visited Fort Mason for the first time, while exploring the Renegade Craft Fair. I’m so in love with all these places in which I can get a slice of ocean view!
  • I also spent many hours at Craftsman and Wolves in which I drank lots of lattes, ate lots of yummy treats and forced myself to get done with an interview that I put off for way to long. Oh right, I also visited the Little Paper Planes Shop for the tenth time (it’s such a designed oasis in the middle of Valencia Street). And don’t think I didn’t eat along the way. You know that’s not possible. I had the most amazing amazing first date with Rachel at the Samovar Tea Lounge (Rachel, it was an excellent choice!), I payed a visit to B. Patisserie (I need to go back asap!), ate the most tasty vegan pizza at Beretta and straight from there ended up at the The Crème Brûlée Cart. Yep… eating crème brûlée. What can I say, it wasn’t too shabby! Hope you enjoyed my SF mini tour and I sure hope it won’t take too long before the next one.
    {Photos by me}