• It’s always difficult talking and showing pictures of yourself. At least that’s super hard for me. And that’s why I never agreed to do it up until now. Since moving to San Francisco, I decided to use the word YES more than I use the word NO when people ask me to take a moment to step over to the other side of the screen. And that’s why when sweet Eva, a native Belgian who moved to Tel Aviv not so long ago, asked me if she could interview me for her newly blog (aka The Bubblist), I felt like it’s time to get out of inside my head and just do it.
    If you care to know a little bit more about me and my blogging journey, you can check me and my trying-to-sound-serious-but-not-really-succeeding answers at The Bubblist. One thing is for sure, I need to practice this unfamiliar territory.
    Oh and… Eva, thx for having me!