• As we speak, Liron is still working on her dissertation and I secretly hope that it will last forever (that’s how much I love having her around here) but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who doesn’t want this dissertation to be over.
    While Liron is working hard on being a dedicated student and trying not to let London interfere in her way, She has some wicked plans lined up. Liron was invited to Budapest to talk about her ongoing journey as a typographer and I can’t wait to here all about it! As the clock in ticking and the lecture is only a few weeks away, I should stay still and let Liron do her thing and tell us a little bit more about her past few weeks.
    {Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich}

Writing the dissertation is still not so much actual writing. So much information to be researched, compared, thought of before the actual writing begins. Collecting information crumbs from every available source, archives and libraries. Trying not to be distracted and focusing only on what I really need. Learning once again, that I cannot sit still and concentrate for many hours. Learning that sometimes in order to take the advice given to you- you have to find it yourself. Even if it presents itself in a long messy irrational way. Having a family visit, and trying not to miss anything and accomplish everything.
Arriving at Bath, breathing fresh cool air. Getting warm with a delicious pasty, walking around a Roman clean version of a mixture between Europe and Jerusalem (the stones, the stones!). Going to BBC Proms for a spontaneous classic music concert. Realizing we are dressed like at our wedding. Admiring once again the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. Visiting the beloved Ottolenghi twice a day, and that soothes the pain of limited time in London due to dissertation. Thoughts about the next chapter are coming and going. Skyscanner is getting much more traffic from us these days. Post graduate studies syndrome is approaching, and the only way to block it is by ordering plain tickets to Budapest, Amsterdam, Lima and Buenos Aires. Adventures are arriving soon, but first- dissertation time!
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