• Just the other day I had a conversation with one of my new American friends about weddings and being a bride in the US. My day as a bride was so long ago (almost 8 years to be exact) but I sure am intrigued by customs and especially the ones that are foreign for me. I bet you want to know where I’m going with this.
    Rotem Azrad Malka, a graduate of the Communication Design Department at WIZO Haifa, was also intrigued by all the madness that involves being a bride and so she began her journey by exploring traditions around the world and chose to focus on brides who had their fair share of suffering, stress and intensity. At the end of it, Rotem came up with a series of illustrated brides. The thing is that she didn’t stop there, each and every illustration ended up being dotted dot by dot (and by saying that I mean literary being perforated) with a crazy amount of super delicate and super demanding work. Yep, just like dealing with weddings – a lot of hard work and crazy stuff that you don’t always realize before you start. I just thank god that my wedding day was calm and un-stressful in any shape size or form.