• I’m having hard time deciding which color to go with for my new office space.
    There are moments that all I can think of is white on white on white there are times in which I have an urge to bring my on going obsession with yellow to the next level and then… I calm down and think to myself that I better go with black, which is my all times favorite color. You see, it’s super stressful deciding what way to go and I know what you are probably thinking to yourself, MIX IT UP! And you are probably right.
    I guess I should be thanking Poppin for making things a little bit easier for me. I love the fact that you can choose your path by choosing your favorite color (hi there, rainbow navigation bar!) Oh well, it’s time to go back to their site and make up my mind.
    Just one more thing, Poppin, you can consider this post as a love letter to your oh-so-colorful yet minimal kingdom.