• OK. I didn’t see this one coming.
    I mean, I knew Liron was visiting Scotland, but I guess I didn’t fully understand the meaning of this notion. It almost feels like I’m watching National Geographic, the green channel (I’m not sure if it exists but that’s how it feels). As you can see, today’s post is definitely not about typography but who cares! I don’t mind sitting back and enjoying the green surroundings of this unique city.
    One thing is sure, Liron made me thinking about adding Edinburgh to my must visit cities.
    And don’t you worry, next time, Liron will return to her normal typographic mode with a thesis to work on and lots of letters to show us! So Liron, take it away…
    {Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich}

Driving on the wrong side, but not knowing which one is the wrong one. Watching amazing scenery appear and change every 30 minutes. Different shades of green, I’ve never seen that kind of green before. Bright, juicy, furry, wild with sudden sprinkles of violet flowers. Scotland. How can paradise be so close? Perfect weather helps for sure, vacation mode in ON. Not have to to stop the car whenever seeing a sheep or a hairy cow (yes, hairy!!!). Finding magical places for a coffee break, cake break or preferably both. Almond pear cake tastes so good when its served on a tiny vintage coffee table, from one window you can see the Quiraing and from the other the ocean. Isle of Skye, magic in the air, in the mountains with the clouds above, impressive cliffs and endless green. Realizing that sometimes, especially when the the scenario includes a lake – picnic dinner is the best. Although hearing it before, Edinburgh amazes you with it’s buildings, old and new together. Tons of places to sit for a lovely cup of coffee or nice and relaxed dinner. Never been in a capital city that is so quite. Looking up at Arthur’s Seat, climbing up, looking down at the city below and breathing the freshest air. Staying overnight in a charming cozy bed & breakfast and at some point after eating a full Scottish breakfast everyday just craving for a salad. So many castles, but each one is different, probably something that can only be appreciated when you are not a child anymore. Amazing fresh scones at Blair Atholl’s Watermill, and loving it even more when we know that it was made by Israeli hands. Endless driving, but with green and blue all around, same 3 good songs on the BBC Radio, open windows and shortbread cookies- what could be better?
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