• Nir Meiri is a practical guy! When he designs, he always thinks about the big picture. For instance, when he designed his Coconut and Han table lamps, he made sure there was be an extra defined space for you to leave your small but super important belongings. Smart? Of course!
    Not only is Nir practical, he also masters the art of minimalism. When you look at his work, you won’t spot anything out of line. Everything is in the right place, with clean lines and no distractions. What I love the most about Nir’s brand new objects is the fact that he takes the most used and random material (aka wood) and makes it his own (have you seen his Slim tables? They are bea-u-ti-ful!). I know I keep coming back to visit his creations, but that’s only because I know he will never cease to amaze me.