July 2013

A Typographer in The Making | Take Sixteen | July 30.13

OK. I didn’t see this one coming. I mean, I knew Liron was visiting Scotland, but I guess I didn’t fully understand the meaning of this notion. It almost feels like I’m watching National Geographic, the green channel (I’m not sure if it exists but that’s how it feels). As you can see, today’s post …

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Student Break | Roni Yeheskel | The Melody of The Lines | July 24.13

Mathematics, geometry and in between, never been my thing. In fact, I’m so happy that I don’t have to re-live those horrific days… However, there are people who can embrace the beauty within those lines and create magic out of it. One of those people is Roni Yeheskel, who created the Webbings. Upholstery fabrics, which …

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It’s The New 3.0 DesignBreak | July 23.13

I’m not sure if I said it out loud but… After working extra hard for the past few months on the re-design of DesignBreak, I can finally share with you the journey I was on towards the new design. It took me forever and if it was only up to me it probably wouldn’t have …

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Back to Reality… |

I’v been a bit MIA for the last week… It’s only because I’ve been visiting my favorite girlfriend (aka Sivan) and my favorite city (aka NYC) and so… I just wanted to drop by, say hello and promise you that tomorrow I’ll be back to my posting self. Oh and… I can’t really believe I’m …

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Mishmaacool + Tag.me.not | Sometimes, Even Materials Have a Sense of Humor! | July 13.13

Usually industrial designers that I talk to say that they like to stick to their initial sketches and don’t like to be surprised side effects of materials. And then came Mishmaacool (aka Ohad Benit) and Tag.me.not (aka Atar Brosh) and together they created the 50% Control Stool. The two decided to challenge themselves and began …

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Student Break | Michal Fierstein | The Language of The Dancing Threads | July 10.13

For the last two weeks I’ve been walking on clouds, since I received some pretty amazing graduation projects, straight out of the classes of 2013. I have a feeling that from next week you’ll be seeing a lot more Student Breaks… Until then, let’s start with the first 2013 Graduate project of the year (drum …

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