An illustration by Limor Schnurmacher
  • 50×70 are not just the dimensions of your average poster. It’s a lot more than that! It’s Israel’s most exciting and brand new online store which is all about celebrating the mad talent of some of Israels best illustrators and graphic designers. I think that being one who can illustrate his way through the world is one of the most incredible gifts you can get and that is why I started my very own Illustrated Break in the first place. Although the site is Hebrew friendly, the language of art and design is universal and so all you have to do is start browsing and click on each and every link you can put your mouse on!
  • An illustration by Yotam Hadar
    An illustration by Eran Mendel
  • An illustration by Zohar Winer
    An illustration by Miki Mottes
  • An illustration by Eran Mendel