January 2013

Batia Malka | Newborns | January 30.13

Ever since I first discovered Batia Malka’s ceramic world, almost two years ago, I can’t get enough of it. Usually Batia deals with lots of difficult and sensitive matters but for some reason that’s exactly why I’m mesmerized by it time after time. All these baby heads and body parts assembled together feel …

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Guest Break | Happy Break in Paris | January 28.13

I’m on a quest to find out more about my fellow bloggers, local Design Break spots. First was Helena Schütz with her Vintage Break in Oslo. And from Norway we continue to Munich and from there straight to Paris. Igor Josif, the sweetest most kindest blogger alive (and the one in charge for …

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San Francisco Calling… | January 18.13

I’m writing this post sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to… San Francisco. Now I can finally share with you that I’m beginning a new and super exciting chapter in my life. One that I was waiting for, for a long long long time and now it looks like my dream …

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