November 2012

Student Break | Yael Tandler | Baked Concrete | November 18.12

There is something quite interesting about the way Yael Tandler treats concrete as everyday dough. I mean, it’s obvious that you can knead it, but wanting to create unique objects while leaving the outcome to the force of gravity is not an easy decision for the common designer. For Yael it’s “a story …

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TypicaLocal | Johnathan Hopp | Tel Aviv, Strike a Pose! | November 12.12

“TypicaLocal miniatures attempt to create a snapshot of our environment here and now with a non-romantic gaze. This miniature exhibition provokes discussion and contemplation about design and architecture, about our local surroundings and about the time we live in.” What can I say, Tel Aviv never looked so white and minimalistic. I think …

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